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Yes, Unamusement Park has moved — as of one year ago! I’m posting this here because my WordPress site redirect, which used to automatically redirect readers from here to the new site, has just expired.

Please bookmark and/or subscribe to UnamusementPark.com, where the racial heresy continues and the unamusement never stops.

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I am in the process of moving Unamusement Park to a self-hosted blog. The process will be complete by next weekend (unless, of course, I accidentally blow up the main Hate Laboratory during the transfer, as I have been known to do). We’re staying here until then. Everything here — including comments — will go over to the new blog when it’s ready.

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Jared Taylor — editor of the race realist magazine American Renaissance, author of the classic race realist text “Paved With Good Intentions” (Peter Brimelow’s review here), and personal hero of mine — has written a new book, “White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century” (review here). Needless to say, it is excellent, and I encourage everyone to read it.

Last night, Jared Taylor appeared on The Political Cesspool, a conservative radio program, to discuss the book with host James Edwards. The full three-hour program is available for download here (the interview is part 3).

Update (May 17): Taki’s Magazine reviews “White Identity” in “Fear of an Erudite White.” Fred Reed of Fred on Everything reviews it in“The Inexpressibly, Unthinkably Obvious.”

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Update (May 14): I suppose I should have explained that all donations go toward improving the blog in whatever ways I see fit.

Update (May 10): donations are now working.

Update (May 9): okay, I’m 99 percent sure donations haven’t been working, but they should be working now.

A popular race realist blogger and fellow HBD enthusiast has suggested I open a PayPal account and accept donations. If you feel like making one — well, first of all, thank you. We appreciate it. And second, you may avail yourself of the “Donate” button in the sidebar. It links to one of those secure PayPal things. I’m 60 percent sure it works.

That said, this is not a pledge drive. I am not going to stop posting if I don’t make any money, because I never expected to make any money; and if I do make any, I can’t promise I’ll post any faster.

Unamusement Park is a labor of love. And hate. So much hate. Seriously, I like doing this. I will keep writing about race for as long as race amuses me, and race will keep amusing me for as long as there are people who refuse to have a real conversation about it. The same goes for feminism and reactionism and whatever else I decide to write about.

Like the future. Or the meaning of life. Or a reactionary musical.

So. The button is there if you want to use it. Regardless, “Black Mobs and the Second Law of Race and Crime” (part 1, part 2) continues tonight.

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Comments have been re-enabled on my recent debunking of fanatical faith-based race denialist Zek J Evets’ crazy ideas about race. Zek is unable to respond except with more hateful, bigoted screeching about hate and bigotry, either at his blog or at abagond’s.

It’s funny how many people accuse me of being hateful or bigoted or crazy or stupid or ignorant. Every time they do, I remember the immortal words of Inigo Montoya.

"You killed my father. Prepare to die." Wait, no, that's not right.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

If you’re curious to know why I’m right and my opponents are idiots, please take your pick from the human biodiversity (HBD) category. Note that I often just link supporting evidence — like this — instead of quoting it. You should read those links.

As a bonus, the very first debate between me and Obsidian (from January 29) can be found here.

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The Nuclear Contingency has been posted over at the Fiction Quarantine Zone, which (as the name suggests) is where I put my attempts at short fiction. If you came here to read about race and other serious things, feel free to skip.

Anyway the story won’t make sense if you haven’t read parts one and two. (Actually, it probably won’t make sense even if you have.)

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The Midnight Mountain Incident has been posted over at the Fiction Quarantine Zone. Note that it is a sequel, and won’t make sense if you haven’t read part one.

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Quarantine zone

I recently decided to post some of my more serious attempts at creative writing over at the Fiction Quarantine Zone, where the resulting damage can be minimized (links at top and side). The non-fiction and random silliness will continue here, in the main section of Unamusement Park.

Our first installment is a thin slice of insanity I call Reactor Safety Protocols. As always, if you only came here for the virulent racism (and now sexism, too), feel free to skip.

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It’s announcements day.

Unamusement Park is now uncensored for coarse language and nudity (not that there’s any of that). So you can say “fuck” and “shit” all you like, you fucking shitheads. However, use of the word “nigger” is still prohibited.

You n*ggers.

Along those lines, for those of you who missed it, this week’s theme was: Happy Valentine’s Day! Go fuck your hot cousin!

A record number of hits today, almost half of them on one particular post. And a record number of clicks, on one particular French honey. The things I would do to that jolie fille, you cannot imagine.

Hint: they are sex.

So what have we learned?

  1. Call your post “Hot white girls.”
  2. Link a hot French girl.
  3. Profit.

Also make sure Ferdinand Bardamu links you. Thanks, you magnificent bastard.

Speaking of unspeakable things, the little girl with pink hair makes me feel funny. Not in a bad way, I guess . . . just in a weird way. “It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake”—yeah, I know what she really means, but that kind of consent won’t hold up in a court of law, will it? (Dual H/T: Riding with the King and In Mala Fide—you sick fucks.)

Pyrrhic victory: is there any other kind?

Finally, seriously, commenter DKH has some insights on affirmative action:

My company is a consulting engineering firm in Pennsylvania. We are highly qualified in the area of our expertise. We are locked out of nearly all City of Philadelphia work and a significant amount of state work because of the unfair Affirmative Action requirements.

. . . Affirmative Action is being abused today. It is a form of patronage not a form of positive training for minority and women business owners. Look at the statistics in Philadelphia and I suspect you will find that a few companies have become rich in the name of Affirmative Action but only a few have learned to compete in the real business world, moved on and opened a position for the next [Minority Business Enterprise/Woman Business Enterprise] company to have a chance.

As a citizen of this great country and a business owner who employs people in Pennsylvania, I feel it is about time all people and the companies they own are treated equally under the law – even white people!

What can be done? Or am I going to spend my entire working life in a racially outcast class unable to participate in the programs my tax dollars fund?

It’s time to end race-based affirmative action.

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I (posting as Unamused) am in two dialogues—the first about radioactive decay, the second about alien intelligence—with dissention in his comment sections. I’m interested to see where he’s going to take this with his upcoming weekend post. Aside: I think arguing is fun.

On an unrelated note: there’s an insightful guest post over at In Mala Fide. The post is by Freedom Twenty-Five, who’s also writing what looks like a great first novel.

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